Name: Tony Bevilacqua
Location / Team: North Burnaby / Vancouver ArmWrestling Club 
Nationality: Italian-Canadian / Italo-Canadese
Started pulling: October 2010
Height: 5' 9"
Compete at: 176lbs / 80kilos
Favorite pulling style: Hook

Favorite tournament you've attended: 2011 BC Provincials

Supplements Used: None

Favorite Puller/or somebody you look up to in the sport: ''Monster'' Michael Todd & ''No Limits'' Devon Larratt

How often do you train: Every day

Training tips: Practice as much as you can and train in the gym steady. Armwrestling is not easy so learn from your mistakes and keep pulling every week, you will get better in time.

Goal(s): To compete comfortably at a pro level

Sponsor(s): None

How did you get started: Training in the gym with the Dall'Antonia brothers. Watching them pull and test their strengths made me want to get on a table and test mine. 

2014 176LB Provincial Champion Left Arm

Locations you have competed: BC Cities - Kelowna, Abbotsford, Vancouver, New Westminster

What changes would you like to see: Armwrestling to become more recognized than it is now

Anything you would like to add/statements/comments: Thanks to A.D & D.D for all the training tips in the gym and on the table