Name: Patrick Rehill
Location / Team: Chilliwack / Vancouver ArmWrestling Club
Started pulling: 1986
Height: 6'
Compete at: 242lbs / 110 kilos
Favorite pulling style: A little hook, a little toproll, trying to get better at both. You're never too old to learn and improve.

Favorite tournament you've attended: 1995 Nationals in Calgary, this is a tournament that I will remember forever. The venue, the crowd and oh yes Earl Wilson. It was a war between 2 guys who would not quit no matter what and when you get 2 compeitors like that it makes for a great match. It came down to heart & guts, both of us had lots.

Supplements used: Protein and greens

Favorite Puller/ or somebody you look up to in the sport: Harvey Poetker, Dave Hicks, Bernie Walker

How often do you train: Pull once a week, full body training 2-3 times a week 

Training tips: Train your strong points hard, train your weak points harder. Train smart, more is not better, focus on what will help you on the table and keep good overall fitness.

Goal(s): Just happy to still be in the sport, I feel if I can stay healthy and with the help of the guys in the Vancouver ArmWrestling Club, I would like to be a National Champion again.

Sponsor(s): I was very fortunate to have the support of my fellow staff and residents of Drumheller Alberta. I will always be grateful for their support.

How did you get started: I started in 1986 attending Manitoba events run by Harvey Poetker, Miles Wolko and Paul Leveque. All of these guys were awesome armwrestlers and did a lot for the sport. I got serious when I moved to Alberta in 1989 and hooked up with Darrell Belyk and the Claws ArmWrestling Club. I also spent time with Bernie Walker who taught me the importance of proper focus and concentration. This was a great learning experience that took my armwrestling to another level. In early 2012 I moved to BC and am now training with the Vancouver ArmWrestling Club.

Merits: 5 time National Champion, 1995 WAF Worlds silver medalist, 1991 WAF Worlds bronze medalist

Locations you have competed: Canadian Provinces - BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario

US States - Washington, Colorado, New York

Other - Brazil, Israel, South Africa

What changes would you like to see: More recognition for the sport and speed up the process for setting up matches to keep spectators interested

Anything you would like to add/statements/comments: Just when I thought I was done, the fire has been lit yet again and I am really enjoying training, it's good to be back.