Name: Jess Klassen
 Location / Team: Langley / Vancouver ArmWrestling Club
 Started pulling: December 2013
 Height: 6'
 Compete at: 185 - 198 Lbs / 84 - 90 kilos
 Favorite pulling style: TopRoll

Favorite tournament you've attended: Game of Arms tournament in Vegas 2014

Supplements Used: Juice (kidding) Multivitamin pack,  BCAA, collagen 1,2&3, 

Favorite Puller/or somebody you look up to in the sport: John Brzenk, Devon Larratt, Anthony Dall'Antonia

How often do you train: On the table Every Sunday if I'm not away at work.

Training tips: Be well rounded,  give yourself time to heal.

Goal(s): To become Provincial Champ followed by National Champ.

Sponsor(s): None

How did you get started: My friend Frank Nuyens got me interested in the sport.

Merits: coming soon

Locations you have competed: Canadian Provinces - BC, Alberta

US States - Washington, Oregon, Nevada

Other - 

What changes would you like to see: I'd like people to see the professional side of armwrestling and not think it's something that only happens in bars.

Anything you would like to add/statements/comments: I'd like to thank the Vancouver Armwrestling Club and all the members for the training and where it has got me so far.