Name: Dave Hicks
Location / Team: Vancouver / Vancouver ArmWrestling Club
Started pulling: Around 1985
Height: 5' 6"
Compete at: Was always 154 Lbs/70 kilos & now 165Lbs/75 kilos
Favourite pulling style: TopRoll

Favorite tournament you've attended: The Gold Bear in Moscow, Petaluma, Amos Quebec & UAL Lake Tahoe!

Supplements Used: A balanced diet & hard work

Favorite Puller/or somebody you look up to in the sport:

From Canada: From USA: Other:
Tony Senger John Brzenk Cvetan Gashevski - Bulgaria
Bernie Lemay Ron Bath Andreas Rundstrom - Sweden
Gary Goodridge Dave Patton Engin Terzi - Turkey
Earl Wilson Jerry 'vice grips' Janning  
Barb Zalepa Cobra Rhodes  
Keith Koenig Allen Fisher  
Rick Pinkney Dave Devoto  
Fred Roy Leonard Harkless  
Brenda Vergette Denise Wattles  
  Bill Collins  
  Bill Cox  

How often do you train: on the table once a week, with weights twice a week

Training tips: Always train with somebody smarter or stronger, watch lots of video, don't be one dimensional

Goal(s): To get good sponsorship to represent our country for the Worlds & to train my crew into becoming World Champions. To help the sport to get into the Olympics.

Sponsor(s): IBEW local 258

How did you get started: I saw Tony Senger on t.v on the Wide World Of Sports armwrestling. I heard about a tournament in my hometown Stoney Plain Alberta & Tony was going to be there so I went to watch. From there John Miazdzyk helped to get me started & I was hooked. I trained with Bernie Lemay & John Miazdzyk mainly, sometimes Tony Senger...I moved to the west coast of BC in 1992 around the same time as my training partner Bernie & was thinking about retiring from competing but Keith Koenig of Kelowna BC re-lit the fire & got me going again. I've been training & coaching in Vancouver ever since.

Merits: Many time National & World Champion, won 5 Gold Bears in Russia, Inducted into the BC ArmWrestling Hall of Fame, Inducted into the Canadian ArmWrestling Federation Hall of Fame, John Miazdzyk Award recipient, Master Referee, BC Armwrestling Association Head Referee.

Locations you have competed or reffed:

Canadian Provinces: US States: Other:
BC Washington Belgium
Alberta Oregon Brazil
Saskatchewan California Bulgaria
Manitoba Nevada Curaçao
Ontario Ohio England
Quebec Missouri Finland
New Brunswick Kansas France
Nova Scotia Arizona Germany
P.E.I. Hawaii Greece
Yukon Territory   Hungary
Northwest Territories   Italy
    South Africa

What changes would you like to see: Bigger tournaments with more prize money offered

Anything you would like to add/statements/comments: You don't have to be the best at anything but you have to be better then average at everything. (Be versatile)



Dave Hicks (Canada vs Germany)
2008 World Campionships - Kelowna BC Canada vs Germany
Dave Hicks vs Kazbek 'The Crushing Russian' Zoloev
1994 Gold Bear in Moscow Russia.