Name: Clayton Faulconer
Location / Team: North Vancouver / Vancouver ArmWrestling Club
Started pulling: 1992
Height: 6'
Compete at: 176lbs / 80 kilos or 187lbs / 85 kilos
Favorite pulling style: Hook or Top Roll

Favorite tournament you've attended: The Arnold Classic is always a good time, Canadian Championships are good!

Supplements Used: Good diet with lots of protein

Favorite Puller/or somebody you look up to in the sport: Anthony Dall'Antonia, Devon Larratt, Herman McCoy, John Brzenk

How often do you train: Twice a week on the table, Four times a week in the gym

Training tips: Intensity, Consistency, Train smart

Goal(s): Another Canadian title
Sponsor(s): Friends & family

How did you get started: In Cranbrook BC with John Rossel, Larry Verigan, Spencer Laurie, Corey Barnhardt & lets not forget Aaron Penner!!  After then I moved to Prince George BC & trained there for four years.

I moved to Vancouver in 2005 & have been here ever since!

Merits: Many Provincial Titles, One Canadian Title, 6 time National Champion, John Miazdzyk Award recipient. Inducted into the BC ArmWrestling Hall of Fame.

Locations you have competed: Canadian Provinces - BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, P.E.I.

US States - Washington, Oregon, California, Ohio

Other - England, Brazil, Poland, Malaysia

What changes would you like to see: For me to win more!

Anything you would like to add/statements/comments: ArmWrestling is an awesome sport that gives many benefits to me! Fitness, competition, intensity, good friends & travel. I will compete for as long as my body allows me!!   Thanks Rossel !!



Clayton Faulconer vs Dan Gallo
2010 BC Provincial Championships in Kelowna
Clayton Faulconer vs Kayne Hemsing
2009 Fit ll Fight ArmWrestling Cup in Moose Jaw  Saskatchewan - Kayne Hemsing vs Clayton Faulconer
Clayton Faulconer vs Jason Roy
2008 Canadian Nationals in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Jason Roy vs Clayton Faulconer
Clayton Faulconer vs Gerry Beaudry
2006 Canadian Nationals in Kelowna BC Gerry Beaudry vs Clayton Faulconer Right Arm
Clayton Faulconer vs Gerry Beaudry Left Arm
2006 Canadian Nationals in Kelowna BC Clayton Faulconer vs Gerry Beaudry Left Arm