Name: Brent Parcels
Location / Team: Blaine WA / Vancouver ArmWrestling Club 
Started pulling: 2005
Height: 5' 11"
Compete at: 242+lbs / 110+kilos
Favorite pulling style: Hook & TopRoll


Favorite tournament you've attended: Superstar Showdown in Chehalis Washington

Supplements Used: None

Favorite Puller/or somebody you look up to in the sport: Too many to list

How often do you train: Once a week

Training tips: Don't overtrain

Goal(s): Stay healthy

Sponsor(s): None

How did you get started: Entered a tournament in Quesnel BC and pulled a guy named Luke Reimer. He said I should start training and gave me the Vancouver Armwrestling Club email.

Merits: 2005 Washington State Champ left & right Novice the year I started. 2005 BC Armwrestling Championships 2nd place right/ 3rd place left. 2006 BC Armwrestling Championships 3rd place right. 2007 BC Armwrestling Championships 2nd place right/ 2nd place left. 2007 Washington State Championships 3rd place right.

Locations you have competed: BC Cities - Vancouver, Kelowna, Kamloops, Quesnel

US States - Washington

Other - Mexico

What changes would you like to see: More popularity in the sport

Anything you would like to add/statements/comments: I would like to thank the Dall'Antonia's for their hospitality and training. Vancouver Armwrestling Club is a great place to train. Great people and a lot of talent. Everyone should come and check it out.